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To: Editor, The Australian

The Australian: Stop trivialising family violence now.

The Australian: Stop trivialising family violence now.

After the offensive cartoon printed today and the article yesterday that labeled family violence leave as "too generous" in our country, it is time for the jokes about family violence to stop.

The Australian must apologise now for this cartoon, and apologise for the trivialisation of family violence in this country.

Why is this important?

Two thirds of women experiencing family violence are also working. Family violence doesn't just happen at home - it follows women to work as they are harassed, stalked and threatened on the job.

Family violence leave gives survivors the time they need to visit the police, lawyers, doctors and go to court. It gives them time to move home, take their children to new schools and escape the cycle of violence.

Sign the petition to tell The Australian and big business that everyone has the right to feel safe at work, and everyone should have the right to paid days away from work if they are subjected to family violence.


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Yesterday, Luke Hilakari wrote a letter to the Editor about this, you can see here:

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