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Why is this important?

Since 1987, the National union of students has been the peak advocacy body for students in post high school education in Australia.

NUS represents over 1 million students nation-wide and have had signicant wins over the past 30 years including defeating 100K degrees in 2014, expanding rent assistance and lowering the age of independence, pressuring universities to combat sexual assault culture through our 2015 Talk About It survey data, working with Headspace to produce data around student mental health and recommendations for prevention.

The National Union of Students National Office Bearing team have worked closely with the UWA student guild over 3 decades along with our NUS West State branch.

In 2001, NUS employed a WA-based Project Officer to work solely on the repeal of state based VSU legislation. The WA Government agreed to a compromise model (50% minimum funding guarantee for the Guilds) that is still in place today and is the reason WA universities have had such successful thriving campus cultures.

In 2011, the NUS President was appointed by Education Minister to the Rural Tertiary Hardship Taskforce to develop the guidelines for the distribution of $20 million of emergency grants to the most disadvantaged young regional and rural students.

In 2012, NUS successfully engaged in joint lobbying with Universities Australia to get the government to extend the National Rental Affordability Scheme to university students (subsidised rentals, building new student accommodation).

Education is one of the world's greatest social equalisers and our primary goal is to ensure a high quality and accessible university education system.

But over the past decade, successive governments have used education as a piggy bank by attempting to increase uni fees by thousands of dollars and cutting valuable funding. This has meant class sizes continue to grow dramatically, while more and more staff are casualised meaning less capacity to support students.

This year, we've ensured students' voices are heard by the government through lobbying Senators on student issues and running large scale national protests against fee increases. We're calling for youth allowance and Newstart to better meet living costs by increasing payments to well above the Henderson poverty line. NUS is fighting for a National response framework combatting sexual assault and gendered violence on university campuses.

We've got a big agenda for students this year and you can check out some of our campaigns on our website at

NUS has been the leading voice against funding cuts and free increases over the past decade and we will continue to stand for a better deal for students and young people.

Our success is through working as a united front of students right across Australia. We are always stronger together. We are stronger with NUS.

Make the pledge to stand with over 1 million students.


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