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To: Local, State & Federal Governments

Support businesses, sole traders & companies without employees especially in the music industry

This campaign has ended.

Give adequate financial support to companies unable to operate due to Covid 19 restrictions and service mortgages secured by owner’s principal residence. These small businesses operating from private homes have been seriously discriminated against by the government and many will face financial ruin without assistance. Monthly mortgage payments are effectively no different from rent due to a landlord!

Why is this important?

In the music industry there is very little hope that any form of normal operations will be possible for a long time and even teaching a musical instrument especially a woodwind instrument will only be possible on line, which is not satisfactory for advanced students. Soloists, Ensembles, Chamber Music Groups and Orchestras will have no way to provide any work for the many outstanding freelance instrumentalists probably for years rather than months even after a vaccine has been rolled out especially the impossibility of overseas touring which many artists rely on.


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