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To: The Marshall Liberal Government, South Australia

Support essential public sector workers now!

Essential public sector workers have been at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic and response working tirelessly to keep the community safe, but Treasurer Rob Lucas and the Marshall Liberal Government continue their attacks on workers' conditions.
United Workers Union members are cleaning hospitals, delivering meals to sick people, pushing beds to ICUs, caring for the elderly, caring for people living with a disability and have done everything they can to stop the spread of the pandemic while maintaining effective health services for South Australians.

Why is this important?

When faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, workers offered to roll over their current Enterprise Agreement so that everyone could focus on supporting South Australians through the public health crisis.
The Marshall Liberal Government rejected this, and now after months of negotiations, they are still shamefully in favour of attacking workers’ conditions, including their job security, leaving workers and the community concerned that the Government has an intention to privatise further services.
We call on the Treasurer and the Marshall Liberal Government to support these workers by agreeing to stop the attacks on their conditions and commit to secure jobs for essential workers.
Sign the petition now! Send the Marshall Liberal Government a clear message that the community supports these essential workers

Reasons for signing

  • In support of my colleagues !
  • the change doesnt effect me personally but the change will have devastating effects on the employment of our healthcare workers and hospitals and agedcare facilities. they are already under so much pressure during the pandemic and deserve security within their work places. HELP SUPPORT OUR HEALTHCARE WORKERS AND SAY NO TO PRIVATISATION OF OUR HOSPITALS
  • if changes are passed my employment is effected. it has taken me a long time to find secure employment and to have thatt taken away would be devastating news


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