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Support Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave

HACSU calls on the VHIA acting on behalf of Public Mental Health Services to agree to adopting our Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave claim as part of the current Enterprise Agreement negotiations.

Why is this important?

Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave recognises men, women and gender diverse people have special health needs connected to their fertility and sexuality.

Reproductive and sexual health care has traditionally been a taboo topic in the workplace, with members preferring to take time off without pay and struggle on without workplace support than directly address their health needs with an employer.

From menstrual pain and discomfit to the need for surgical interventions like vasectomy or hysterectomy to assisted reproduction and gender transitioning therapies, Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave takes away the embarrassment for employees and employers making it clear that there is workplace support for the most personal health issues.

Reproductive and Sexual Health Leave includes:

- Flexible working arrangements- the right to work from home

- The right to a comfortable working environment to alleviate symptoms or facilitate treatment

- The right to access up to 5 days leave per year in addition to any personal leave days.

Appropriate evidence (eg. Doctor's Certificate) may be required.




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