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To: Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman

Tasmanians need a pay rise

We want Premier Will Hodgman to scrap the unfair 2% wages cap on Tasmanians who deliver the public services we all need, like health professionals, teachers, rangers and nurses. His arbitrary cap is holding down pay rises for all Tasmanians who work.

We want the Hodgman government to bargain fairly, in good faith without a pre-determined outcome.

Tasmanians deserve a pay rise so we want the Premier to scrap the cap.

Why is this important?

Since 2011 Tasmanian governments have capped the wages of Tasmanians working in the public sector, like rangers, health professionals, teachers and nurses, at 2% per annum. Premier Will Hodgman plans to continue this 2% cap until at least 2023. For many of these Tasmanians this means a struggle to make ends meet while the cost of living rises.

When Will Hodgman decides to underpay his employees, everyone suffers. We cannot recruit and retain the people who provide the quality services that Tasmanians deserve. The cap holds down wages for all Tasmanians – private businesses look to government as a barometer for setting wages and conditions.

Tasmanian public sector workers deliver opportunities, education, care and protection, improving all of our lives. But these workers need jobs they can count on to deliver these services.

Bargaining is how we’ve built the jobs, wages and living standards we rely on. This doesn't happen when outcomes are decided before negotiations begin.

Reasons for signing

  • Tasmanian firefighters are the lowest paid in Australia yet are required to not only fight fires but also deal with hazardous materials and a multitude of rescue situations on a daily basis. This does not happen in other jurisdictions where fire services are not only appropriately resourced with specialised areas of operations but are also paid better. Most multi-skilled but lowest salaries = Tasmania’s firefighters.
  • I have worked for the state health service for a little over a year and have decided to go back to the mainland as I’m tired of being over worked and underpaid.
  • To support friends who work in the different sectors.


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