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To: Rob Sharp - Secretary of TfNSW; Jas Tumber - Chief Customer Officer; Paul Bailey - Head of Operation Control

Tell Sydney Trains and Transport for NSW to Stop Targeting Our Delegate

We won

RTBU representatives are currently in negotiations with Sydney Trains for a new Enterprise Agreement. The bargaining team comprises of elected RTBU representatives who are from the myriad of areas that make up the workplace.

These negotiations have always had a history of becoming heated; however, this has now taken a dark direction, and our delegate who has been instrumental in enforcing protected industrial action is now being targeted by management.
This action is a blatant attempt to bully workplace representatives and force an inferior EA onto workers, in addition to being a breach of the Sydney Trains EA, the Fair Work Act, and the United Nations Human Rights Charter.
We ask for your intervention to stop the bullying of our representatives by ceasing the disciplinary action and come to the table to bargain in good faith with our representatives free from the threat of disciplinary action.

Why is this important?

Our elected representatives need to have the ability to represent us, the members, free of harassment and the threat of disciplinary hanging over their heads like the hangman's noose.

The actions displayed from Sydney Trains set a terrible precedent and will impede the movement's ability to bargain into the future due to workplace delegates being in fear of disciplinary action that can potentially impact their employment.
Sydney NSW, Australia

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Petition is successful with 186 signatures

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Victory - By the workers for the workers
I am so excited to report that we have won this campaign due to your support. Late last night, Sydney Trains and Transport for NSW (TfNSW) waved the white flag and conceded their position by retracting the disciplinary action against our delegate, which was formalised in writing today.
We would not have had this success without all your support, and I am very grateful for all the work everyone did with sharing this petition and signing the petition.
Delegates face an incredible amount of pressure with the work they do on behalf of the members and deserve to be treated with respect, and by this win, we have forced Sydney Trains and TfNSW to recognise our rights to have representation that can perform their duties without the fear of harassment and bullying.

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