To: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Hairdressers work too damn hard to get a pay cut!

Hairdressers work too damn hard to get a pay cut!

Hairdressers are already one of the lowest paid trades, despite all of our training, expertise and hard work.

The business lobby has now formally applied to the Fair Work Commission to cut the minimum rates of pay for hairdressers.

We’ve already seen Sunday and public holiday pay cuts for people who work in shops, pharmacies, bars and cafés, and now we’re next on the list.

Hairdressers give up weekends and evenings with our families to make sure that the people who work 9-5 look fabulous. We should be paid fairly for weekends and nights we don’t get to spend with friends and family.

Mr. Prime Minster, our message to you is: protect hairdressers. We work too damn hard to get a pay cut.

Why is this important?

What would you have to give up if your pay was cut by $77 a week?

We need to act now and tell the Prime Minister that we work too damn hard to get a pay cut.

Hair Stylists Australia has launched this petition to send a message to Malcolm Turnbull. If you want to protect your pay, sign it now!

Reasons for signing

  • This industry is getting beyond a joke, there is no incentive for new apprentices to want a career and soon there won't be any good ones left working because we can't afford to even keep doing our jobs. All the stress we put our bodies under is getting closer to pointless!
  • They work too hard for that
  • Hairdressing is one of the most physically demanding and emotionally challenging jobs. Mr Turnbull - you try to keep countless women happy all day every day, while standing on your feet, without lunch breaks, and literally looking forward to your next toilet break because you just want to sit down for one minute!!!


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