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To: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Time Together. Time to Grow - Support Paid Parental Leave

It’s time we took care of what matters most.

The Turnbull Liberal Government is trying to cut the amount of time parents have to care for their children, even though the experts agree that families need more paid parental leave not less

Why is this important?

When a baby is born, this usually means one parent earning an income, one parent caring full-time. But for families who need two incomes, this can be tough. And for the first few weeks while mother and baby recover from birth, both parents really need to be at home. While employers want more and more from employees, there hasn’t been enough done to make sure family still comes first.

Babies do best when they are cared for by a parent, full-time for their first six months. And when parents are back at work, they need affordable early education and care.

Making sure every new family can give a child this start in life is something employers and the government need to provide, together.

A full-time wage for the first six months of a child’s life, and affordable early education and care when both parents are back at work is the best way to create a bright future for all of our kids.

Raising the next generation as best as we can is everyone’s responsibility.

Reasons for signing

  • Being a nurse, having maternity leave is just about the only perk to my job and our union fought hard to keep it. That said its only 14 weeks and I need a certificate to work past 36 weeks. So really, 10 weeks at home with my baby! Then I would have to return to work where im exposing myself to all kinds of infection and disease when my child has barely had its vaccinations. You're taking the benefits from the wrong people Turnbull! You should be looking after your working mums!
  • I have one beautiful boy and one on the way. Being able to stay home with him and build our bond was so precious. Money was so tight with no employer ppl. This time I'm more fortunate but being the second our expenses will be higher, I would hate for my second child to miss out on the important first year with mummy.
  • Being at home to love and nurture my baby is far more important.


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