To: Premier Jay Weatherill

Tougher Penalties for Workplace Deaths

If someone causes a death on our roads, they could face 15 years jail. The same penalty should apply for gross negligence or recklessness in our workplaces.

The South Australian Government needs to triple the maximum penalties for negligent bosses who are found responsible for workplace deaths.

Queensland has just announced tougher laws - and we should do the same.

Why is this important?

SA Unions represents more than 160,000 working South Australians and their families and they deserve to safely come home from work every day.

South Australia's work health and safety laws need to be toughened to match criminal penalties. Under existing law, a person who has a duty of care that exposes someone to a risk of death or serious injury of illness faces five years jail and a $300,000 fine. This should be matched with existing criminal law to insert a new offence - Causing Death Through Recklessness or Negligence - with a 15-year maximum.

Reasons for signing

  • My son was killed in a workplace accident. From my personal experience politicians aren't interested in workplace death issues.
  • Corporate negligence needs to be held to account.


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