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To: Calling on everyone opposed to Donald Trump and everything he stands for.

Unite Against Trump- Protest Donald Trump in Australia

Donald Trump is a dangerous bigot steering the world further down the path of war, environmental destruction and gross human rights violations. We urge individuals and organisations to join the Unite Against Trump Alliance and help to build the biggest protest possible against Donald Trump when he visits Australia in November 2018. We want to show Trump and people all around the world that he is not welcome in Australia. Please leave your contact information so we can keep you updated on protest details.

Why is this important?

Disgracefully, Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has invited US President Donald Trump to visit Australia. This is likely to occur after the APEC summit in PNG in November.

Donald Trump is a racist, misogynist, lying billionaire who is trying to drag global politics to the far right. His brand of extreme nationalism, Islamophobia, greed, anti-refugee, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-LGBTI, anti-union and anti-environment rhetoric and policies are abhorrent to the majority of the Australian public.

The Turnbull government has aligned with Trump's bigoted and militaristic global agenda at every opportunity. We want to see Australia distanced from Trump's values. His values do not represent the interests of most people on the planet or the planet itself.

More than ever we need to join together in Australia and across borders to struggle for a world that respects the equal rights and wonderful diversity of humanity, protects our fragile environment and equitably shares the enormous wealth all around us.

We call on Malcolm Turnbull to rescind Trump's invitation to Australia and for the parliament to prohibit him from speaking if his visit goes ahead.

We pledge that if Trump does visit we will meet him with mass demonstrations to show our opposition to everything his Presidency stands for.


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