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To: Vice-Chancellor Paul Wellings

University of Wollongong: Reject the Secret Ramsay Deal

University of Wollongong (UOW) bosses have signed a secret deal with the Ramsay Centre to run a new Western Civilisation course.

Decisions about new university courses and departments should be made through transparent, robust, scholarly processes. The deal made in secret between UOW management and the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation falls well short of this measure and harms the University's reputation and integrity.

We call on you, Professor Wellings, to tear up the secret deal with the Ramsay Centre.

Why is this important?

While UOW bosses refuse to release all of the details, we do know Ramsay Centre reps will be able to influence staff appointments, observe classes and that the curriculum has been shaped according to the Ramsay Centre's stipulations.

This centre has already been rejected by the ANU, and staff and students have been fiercely campaigning against it at the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland.

UOW bosses and the Ramsay Centre have been secretly negotiating for the past year. Staff were only notified the week before Christmas after the deal had been signed.

Staff have grave concerns about this lack of transparency and that proper academic approval processes have not been followed. The University’s Academic Senate was not even notified in advance.

In an article in Quadrant, Ramsay Centre board member and former PM Tony Abbott made it clear the Centre would be interventionist over staffing and curriculum decisions.

This as part of a broader challenge to the principles of academic freedom, academic integrity and academic autonomy and as such it has implications for the whole Australian university sector.

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Reasons for signing

  • I am a university of Wollongong graduate who doesnt want to see their degree devalued by this garbage.
  • Universities are the places where independent and free thinking occurs based on careful research.
  • Politicians should keep out of education because they have stuffed up Australia.


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