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To: Scott Morrison

Urgent action and support for ECC, educators and parents of under 5 to protect them from COVID

Yesterday in NSW 280 Daycares are closed, close contact tracing doesn’t not apply to early childcare settings and parents are expected to use their limited sick leave in the likely scenario they catch COVID plus they will need to use this each time the centre closes and each time their unvaccinated children are deemed a close contact.
Parents have been keeping children safe whilst juggling full time work for over 2 years with little to no relief from the government. ECC have missed valuable funding when parents have kept children home.
We need you to urgently address the following:
Consistent and expert advice on ventilation within ECC to reduce the chance of transmission and funding by the government for this to be implemented.
Prioritised PCR for all children which do not requiring hours of standing in queues which is not viable for small children
Readily available RAT for each centre to monitor staff and children proactively pick up asymptomatic cases to protect both educators, children and their families.
Communication of what the government is doing to ensure Moderna which is close to the end of its trial will be fast tracked and available for under 5’s without mirroring previous bungled roles outs
Readily available and resourced medical support for any child who has COVID without read tape or the need for a PCR where unavailable.
Financial support to families who are required to isolate or look after a sick child multiple times
Funding to centres who need to close due to COVID and reimbursement to families unable to attend.
The choice of government reimbursement of daily fees for parents who wish to keep their children home whilst keeping their spot. The government should cover this costs and not push it to ECC as it helps stop the spread and strain on healthcare.
Reimbursement of any lost salary for ECC impacted by a closure, including casual staff.

Why is this important?

Children are vulnerable and need to be protected not only with their current health but also future health. COVID is disruptive to ECC and parents and both require financial support. If the government does not provide this support you will see people leave jobs and ECC settings which will have ramifications on tax revenue and impact many small businesses.
Women have been disproportionately been impacted in this situation from both the ECC which had a large female demographic to working mothers taking on a disproportionate load when keeping children home in addition to continue working from home for over 2 years.


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