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To: UWA Senior Management

UWA Staff Deserve a Better Deal

I support the NTEU claims for improved wages and conditions for UWA staff because I believe this will result in UWA becoming a better place to work and study.

It is appalling that many UWA staff are casuals, or on short-term contracts.

It is appalling that many university staff delay having children, or struggle for secure housing, because of job insecurity and wages falling behind inflation.

It is appalling that workloads have skyrocketed and staff have been lost as a result of brutal restructures.

Staff deserve:

· Pay rise of 15% over the life of the new Agreement, or CPI + 1.5%

· Right to conversion to secure work

· Limits on redundancy and outsourcing

· Real, measurable protections against workload creep

· Stronger Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employment conditions

· Stronger parental leave conditions

· Stronger rights to work from home

…and many more crucial improvements detailed in the NTEU Log of Claims:

I urge UWA Senior Management to negotiate in good faith with the NTEU to deliver fair and reasonable outcomes for staff and a better UWA for students and the community as a whole.

Why is this important?

Improved wages and conditions for UWA staff will help build a flourishing University delivering better outcomes for students, the sector and the wider local, state and national communities.




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