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To: Premier Mike Baird

We want our public hospitals in NSW to remain PUBLIC!

We want our public hospitals in NSW to remain PUBLIC!

The Baird government is selling off our hospitals to the private sector without any consultation with staff or the community.

This is a further step in the Americanisation of our health system – where patients pay more and health outcomes are worse.

The people of NSW didn’t agree to this. Selling our hospitals to the private sector is breaking the public’s trust.

We have already seen privatisations fail at Port Macquarie and Royal North Shore Hospitals. We can’t let the government make the same mistake again.

Why is this important?

Health care is a universal right and should be about patient care. A private operator will have to generate profit. That can only be achieved by underpaying or reducing staff and scrimping on services. Ultimately it’s the patients that suffer. If it's the choice between treating a private patient or one on Medicare we all know who misses out. We want to ensure our hospitals remain in public hands for the benefit of everyone.

Reasons for signing

  • our public hospital system belongs to the public. We the public are the shareholders of the Australian assets. Politicians seem to forget they are employed by the people to do what the public want not what they want. This a democratic nation not a dictatorship
  • We need our Public Hospitals, Not to be privatised .
  • Healthcare is the right of every person. Especially the tax taying citizen who works to support this system! The government needs to stop spending so much money on foreign aid, refugees and ridiculous law changes and start putting it back into the people who contribute to their fund


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