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To: Premier Berejiklian

Where's My Bus?

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the NSW Government is ready to hand your bus services over to commercial operators which will lead to fewer bus stops, less buses, and longer journey times.

Bus users will be left wondering “Where’s my bus?”.

It’s difficult enough to get around Sydney on public transport and if the Lib’s franchising plan goes ahead it’ll get a lot worse.

We call upon the Liberals to reverse his plan. He should not do anything that leads to fewer bus stops, fewer busses or longer journey times.

Why is this important?

In Sydney and wondering “Where’s my bus”? It’s probably scheduled to be cancelled by the Liberals and the NSW Government’s Bus Franchising programme.

Bus franchising will mean fewer bus stops, less buses, and longer journey times as inefficient routes and stops are cut and buses consolidated to save money.

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that bus companies are pushing for bus franchising so that they can extract savings out of bus operations.

As Sydney grows, our government should be improving bus services for the community, so that we can get to work and get around Sydney faster, not reduce bus stops, reduce bus numbers and make journey times longer.

Reasons for signing

  • We live in a suburb which has no train line. But thanks to convenience of buses, my family is able to manage with one car. On most of my bus travels to the outer suburbs for work, the service is good though some of the times (off-peak), the buses run with 10 passengers or less. Privatisation of buses would definitely eliminate these services, forcing us to buy another car, which we can't really afford and add to congestion on the roads
  • I signed because I catch the bus every day. I cant afford for the prices to go up any higher then they already have. The system is already a rort. Casino Mike can suck a fat one.
  • Privatising these essential services will deliver lower wages and lower quality services to the public.


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