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To: Prime Minister of Australia

Call for Government Support to Manufacturing Industry to Produce Life-Saving PPE for Health Workers

We call on the Prime Minister and Federal Government to support members of the manufacturing industry (including the Textiles Clothing and Footwear sector) by nationalising and funding production of medical-grade masks, gowns, and other health-related personal protective equipment (PPE) so that it can be rapidly deployed to the NSW Health and Aged-Care workforce.

Why is this important?

We are public and private health workers, aged care workers and paramedics in NSW and the ACT who are currently working on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19.

We are proudly keeping our community safe through early intervention, testing, and treatment while also caring for some of the most vulnerable patients and residents in the state.

We are suffering from a world-wide personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage that is needed to keep ourselves, our patients and residents safe.

While we are seeing fights break out in supermarkets over toilet paper or loaves of bread, we are forced to ration gowns, gloves, masks and sanitiser.

We've been asked to work with little to no PPE, which further puts the whole community at risk as we can not adequately stop the spread of the virus we are trying so desperately to eradicate. Without protection we are also putting our families at risk of exposure when we finally knock-off after a long day of protecting the family and friends of others.

We can't stop this virus if we cannot keep ourselves or our patients safe.

This is why we are calling for immediate funding and facilitation of the Australian manufacturing sector to produce this life-saving equipment. Australian industry will keep Australia safe.

Brad Ross, Operating Theatre Assistant - Private Hosptial
Tess Oxley, Paramedic - NSW Ambulance
Lindy Twyford - Aged Care worker
Doris Borg - Ward Assistant - Public Hospital

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