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To: Matt Comyn, Chief Executive Officer CBA

CBA - Don’t Send Our Jobs Overseas

The Commonwealth Bank has announced plans to send more than one hundred Australian jobs to India in the middle of a Global Pandemic.

CBA’s own research says that their customers value the fact that their money is being used to create job opportunities locally.

CBA staff have worked through extremely challenging times lately to keep the bank going, and keep it extraordinarily strong, and this is the thanks they get?

Keep these jobs in Australia.

Why is this important?

In what is likely the first wave in a plan to offshore many hundreds more jobs, the Bank told 119 staff in their processing teams that they can expect to have their jobs sent over to India by April next year.

While many of their competitors look to bring jobs back to Australia, the Commonwealth Bank has decided that the opportunity to exploit overseas workers is just too good to pass up.

CBA staff have spent years hearing from the Commonwealth Bank about doing what they should do rather than what they can do, and here they are, locked down, working from home, trying to home school and having their jobs sent to India. It’s an absolute disgrace.

When it suits CBA, they put out ads patting themselves on the back publicly for having Australian call centers. They’re doing this because they think they can get away with it.

Help us stop them.




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