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To: State Government of South Australia and Federal Government

COVID19: Paid special leave for all nurses, midwives and personal care workers

We are urging the State and Federal Governments to guarantee an additional 15 days of paid special COVID-19 leave for all nurses, midwives and personal care workers, to align with SA public sector provisions for permanent staff outlined in their recent Determination.

We are seeking for such leave provisions to be extended to nurses, midwives and personal care workers in all sectors and employment types, including casual staff, to include:

Access to an additional 15 days of Special Leave with Pay for COVID-19 (SLWPC).

This leave is to be in addition to existing personal (sick leave)/carers leave with the following conditions:
• If you are not able to attend work due to illness – personal leave is to be used first.
• Once personal leave is exhausted, then you can access SLWPC.
• If you are a casual employee, then your SLWPC could be accessed immediately.

Additional options for caring purposes

Uncapped carer’s leave that can be used to care for:
• Spouse;
• Child or stepchild;
• Parent or parent in-law;
• Any other member of the person’s household;
• Grandparent or grandchild; or
• Any other person dependant on your care.

Casual employees would be able to access SLWPC for the above.

Why is this important?

We need to ensure that all nurses, midwives and personal care workers have access to appropriate leave during the current pandemic. This enables them avoid being financially disadvantaged when taking the necessary precautions in order to care for the community and keep us safe.

Sign this petition to show your support to providing access to 15 days paid special leave for all nurses, midwives and personal care workers affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).




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