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To: Libby Murphy, Acting CEO Ambulance Victoria

Externally Review Our Pay Classifications!

As a result of the restructure of the Financial Transactional Services Team at Ambulance Victoria in 2021, AEAV members requested a review of the Mercer points allocation which designates FTS banding.

The initial evaluation was conducted internally by AV, which predictably resulted in no change to FTS staff banding despite AEAV members responsibilities at work changing.

On the 16th of September 2021 AEAV members requested an external independent assessment of the Mercer Analysis.

As of today, that external re-evaluation has still not occurred.

Members demand that the external review be facilitated now so that they can be confident that they are being paid appropriately for the roles they perform.

Why is this important?

Hard working FTS staff need to be compensated for the range of duties they perform and they deserve to be provided independent evidence that they are being properly paid for the work they are doing.

Independence in the Mercer review process is pivotal so FTS staff are confident that they are being compensated for the full range of duties they perform in Ambulance Victoria.

FTS staff have waited 6months and can wait no more.

Victoria, Australia

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