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To: Southern Cross Care Tasmania Board Members

Fair Pay for ANMF Nurses and Care Staff!

This campaign has ended.

Fair Pay for ANMF Nurses and Care Staff!

It is time for Southern Cross Care Tasmania (SCCT) to pay fair! Their staff are some of the hardest workers in Tasmania and deserve to be recognised as such. We ask that SCCT provide staff with a fair wage offer, no loss of conditions and previously agreed back pay. Come on Southern Cross Care... please care!

Why is this important?

We ask you to stand alongside our communities hardest workers by signing this petition demanding that Southern Cross Care Tasmania (SCCT) provide fair pay and conditions for their nursing and care staff!

Aged care workers are faced with a number of tough working conditions on a daily basis; demanding overtime, inadequate staffing levels, and highly challenging emotional and physical conditions. Nurses and care staff look after some of the most vulnerable people in our community and are not being recognised for it!

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) Tasmanian Branch are working alongside SCCT members in the hope of achieving a satisfactory agreement that values the work that staff do. On Wednesday 9 August ANMF members working at SCCT sites across Tasmania commenced industrial action against their employer. This action was not undertaken lightly, however, it was the only option left for them to pursue a fair and reasonable offer from their employer.

“The current offer by SCCT is simply not good enough! It is completely unfair that Aged Care Staff with Certificate III qualifications are being paid seven cents an hour less than equivalent workers employed as hairdressers under the Hair and Beauty Industry Award 2010. Meanwhile SCCT’s Annual Report for 2015-2016 reveals that the organisation is in a strong financial position and their cash position has improved considerably from the prior year, by $24 million,” said ANMF Branch Secretary Neroli Ellis.

We need your help to make Southern Cross Care stand up and listen. Listen to their staff, their residents, and the community. Aged Care staff deserve better! ANMF will continue to fight for fair pay and conditions.

Learn more about the campaign here:

Reasons for signing

  • I believe in fair pay for a fair days work
  • because we deserve more pay for what we do
  • to make sure that staff get what they are entitled to


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