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To: Flinders University Vice Chancellor and President Professor Colin Stirling

Fight the Flinders Restructures!

We are calling on Flinders University Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Colin Stirling to reverse cuts and restructures to crucial staff roles.

This restructure will result in massive losses in experience and knowledge across a multitude of degrees. Removing specialised staff that offer unique experiences that attract Flinders to students.

The cuts we currently know are happening are to
• Geography
• Creative writing
• Sociology
• Archeology
• Drama
• Mathematics
• Criminology
• South Gate Institute of Health Society and Equity
and rumors of more to be announced soon...

Why is this important?

It is crucial we fight against these course cuts to maintain crucial academics and prevent further cuts to our education. We’ve seen that cuts can be stopped to Italian and other courses if we fight back.

These cuts not only affect flinders staff and students but the broader community.

Sign this petition and share it far and wide
Adelaide SA, Australia

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