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To: Vice-Chancellor Harlene Hayne

Give Curtin Uni Staff a Pay Rise!

Across Australia and the world, an inflation crisis is massively increasing the cost of living. The price of rent, fuel and food has increased far beyond most workers’ wages. And how has Curtin University responded to this developing crisis? By offering its’ workers a 0% pay increase, well below what workers are worth at the best of times but insulting given the present crisis. This represents a real pay cut for Curtin staff amid inflation, all the while the University boasts massive profits. In their fight for a better deal, Curtin staff need the support of students now more than ever. Students demand our staff be paid fairly!

Why is this important?

Students should support Curtin staff fighting for better pay and conditions because:

1. Workers deserve a decent wage that goes up with inflation, at the very least.✊

2. Because they are also fighting to improve the education quality they can provide for us too!🎓

Our staff are overworked, understaffed and increasingly facing unstable employment with casualisation on the rise. We know that staff teaching conditions impact student learning conditions. But we also think it's completely unfair for the staff who make our university run to be struggling with a cost of living crisis while university executives are making $300,000+ per year and the university is in surplus.

Kent St, Bentley WA 6102, Australia

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