To: Tony Walker, Ambulance Victoria

Give us our Long Service Leave!

Part-time staff at Ambulance Victoria are being short changed when taking their long service leave (LSL).

Currently, AV staff are being paid LSL based on the most recent hours they've worked rather than their years of service.

AEAV union members believe this discrepancy discriminates against people on flexible work arrangements who are predominantly women, caretakers, and staff who have recently taken on part-time roles.

We ask that AV fix this discrepancy so that all staff at AV receive LSL based on their valuable years of service.

Why is this important?

It's important to acknowledge AV staff years of service and provide fair entitlements to all staff.

A mother who has worked fulltime in Ambulance Victoria for 9 years returns to work from maternity leave to undertake 20 hours of work per week. When she takes her LSL, she will not receive payment based on her years of service within Ambulance Victoria but the 20 hours per week she has most recently worked.

This discrepancy impacts women, care-takers, and staff who are working part-time even though they have worked fulltime for many years within the service. AEAV members believe it is discriminatory and unfair to not acknowledge staff years of service simply because a staff member has more recently worked part-time.
Victoria, Australia

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