To: Coles Super Markets , Woolworths Super Markets, Aldi Super Markets

Help Aged Pensioners shop in Peace

Open The Supermarkets one hour earlier for one day on Thursday the 19th of March.
Only for Aged Pensioners with a Aged Pension Card.

Why is this important?

There is Lots of Panic Buying in our Supermarkets at this time of need.
Lots of people are scared about COVID-19 Virus, i feel our Elderly are being left behind when trying to shop for their everyday items.
If all Supermarkets were open one hour earlier on this Pension Day
19-03-2020 our Elderly could shop in Peace, and be able to secure their Everyday Items before the panic Buyers Entered the store.
It would a safe haven for our Elderly who are most Vulnerable to the COVID-19 Virus.