To: Honey Birdette

Not YOUR Honey - Honey Birdette Workers Need Safe Workplaces!

Honey Birdette have a responsibility to protect their workers from harassment and discrimination.

We're calling on Honey Birdette to:
- Stop encouraging the sexual harassment of their staff by customers
- Implement policies and training to deal with harassment and bullying from customers
- End their sexist dress code

Why is this important?

Three years ago I walked into a company that promised me a future of female positivity. I was painted a world of inclusiveness and feminine glamour that I was assured came from the truest intentions of the appreciation of their uniquely selected staff members. I felt the pride of this identity and pledged myself to this company, ran by women, as a job that honoured me equally in my beliefs and work ethic.

Honey Birdette promised a dream. They delivered a nightmare.

I saw women mocked for daring to apply for a job at Honey Birdette. I saw workers humiliated and threatened by management because they weren't wearing perfectly applied lipstick all day, their heels weren't high enough, and because they didn't "talk the way a Honey should talk".

I saw workers sexually harassed and intimidated by customers - and when these women spoke up, management told them to suck it up.

In addition, the hours and hours of unpaid overtime we were expected to do - from starting early and finishing late, to skipping lunch breaks and toilet breaks due to the pressure of missing a sale.

Honey Birdette's management pretend they're all about empowering women, but they've sacrificed their values and put their workers in physical danger just to make a profit.

It's disgraceful and it needs to end. Workers at Honey Birdette boutiques have a right to feel safe and respected at work.

Reasons for signing

  • I have been job hunting and came across some openings at Honey Birdette a brand I have known since I was 18. So following more info on the job I also search what to expect and just found all the accounts of harassment. No one should have to put up with feeling unsafe.
  • My daughter worked there recently. She resigned after only two weeks. She went into the job excited and happy for an exciting future. What she soon found was a culture of bulling, pressure to seduce clients, no payment for mandatory boot camps, pressure to buy their garments ......etc,etc.
  • I'm a mother of a 22 year old Honey. Everyday I'm worried about her arriving home safely. The type of day she's had with strange people in store. She has had issues involving a stalker. Switched stores and he recently he found her. The pressure of making budget. The way she dresses traveling home in train at 10 pm


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Former Honey Birdette workers ran a snap action outside Honey Birdette Melbourne Central today. Check out the photos:

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Have you worked at Honey Birdette? We'd love to talk to you about your experiences:

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