To: Honey Birdette

Not YOUR Honey - Honey Birdette Workers Need Safe Workplaces!

Honey Birdette have a responsibility to protect their workers from harassment and discrimination.

We're calling on Honey Birdette to:
- Stop encouraging the sexual harassment of their staff by customers
- Implement policies and training to deal with harassment and bullying from customers
- End their sexist dress code

Why is this important?

Three years ago I walked into a company that promised me a future of female positivity. I was painted a world of inclusiveness and feminine glamour that I was assured came from the truest intentions of the appreciation of their uniquely selected staff members. I felt the pride of this identity and pledged myself to this company, ran by women, as a job that honoured me equally in my beliefs and work ethic.

Honey Birdette promised a dream. They delivered a nightmare.

I saw women mocked for daring to apply for a job at Honey Birdette. I saw workers humiliated and threatened by management because they weren't wearing perfectly applied lipstick all day, their heels weren't high enough, and because they didn't "talk the way a Honey should talk".

I saw workers sexually harassed and intimidated by customers - and when these women spoke up, management told them to suck it up.

In addition, the hours and hours of unpaid overtime we were expected to do - from starting early and finishing late, to skipping lunch breaks and toilet breaks due to the pressure of missing a sale.

Honey Birdette's management pretend they're all about empowering women, but they've sacrificed their values and put their workers in physical danger just to make a profit.

It's disgraceful and it needs to end. Workers at Honey Birdette boutiques have a right to feel safe and respected at work.

Reasons for signing

  • My daughter worked there recently. She resigned after only two weeks. She went into the job excited and happy for an exciting future. What she soon found was a culture of bulling, pressure to seduce clients, no payment for mandatory boot camps, pressure to buy their garments ......etc,etc.
  • I'm a mother of a 22 year old Honey. Everyday I'm worried about her arriving home safely. The type of day she's had with strange people in store. She has had issues involving a stalker. Switched stores and he recently he found her. The pressure of making budget. The way she dresses traveling home in train at 10 pm
  • No one should feel unsafe in their work place. Let alone bullied enough that they don't take breaks just to make profit for the company that doesn't care abou them. Not acceptable!


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Former Honey Birdette workers ran a snap action outside Honey Birdette Melbourne Central today. Check out the photos:

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Have you worked at Honey Birdette? We'd love to talk to you about your experiences:

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