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To: To the President and Members of the Legislative Council of the Parliament of Western Australia in Parliament assembled.

I, Jane Fuchsbichler, and the undersigned, ask the Tier 3 Railways in WA be RE-OPENED and UPGRADED

I, Jane Fuchsbichler, and the undersigned, ask the Tier 3 Railways in WA be RE-OPENED and UPGRADED

We the undersigned are opposed to important state-owned Tier 3 rail infrastructure being closed by the lessee, thus transferring costs to WA export industry, taxpayers and ratepayers and impacting upon road safety and the environment.

We support the re-opening of Tier 3 rail lines and ask that the Legislative Council recommend the State Government:
• makes a pre-election commitment to the upgrade and re-opening of Tier 3 rail lines;
• ensures transparency in all future contracts relating to rail line access so that less powerful users are not disadvantaged; and
• explores options to return the control of Tier 3 lines to the State when the lessee declares them to be uneconomical.

And your petitioners as in duty bound, will ever pray.

Why is this important?

Reinstating the use and the upgrading of Tier 3 lines will:
• Provide a much-needed sustainable path to port
• Help to ensure WA's export industries remain competitive internationally
• Help with revitalising rural towns and the WA economy
• Reduce freight costs to port
• Reduce road repair and maintenance costs
• Improve road safety

Reduces traffic congestion in the city with fewer trucks making their way to port

• Reduce the carbon footprint of the State of WA, as well as that of individuals in the following groups: consumers, transporters, farmers, producers and exporters


Closure of rail has increased freight costs which are passed on to the rest of the community in other ways

This campaign has the support of the WA branch of the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union and the WA branch of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union

How it will be delivered

In person to the WA Upper House

Reasons for signing

  • I used to live out in the Wheatbelt, and have always felt trains with truck distribution from major centres is a much better way to transport our grain. Putting grain onto trucks damages the roads, and the cost of that is not considered when comparing rail and road. Bring back the rail network!
  • Because I remember a time when there were mixed goods and passenger trains which were a much more efficient way to travel & have goods delivered.
  • Because I believe that trains are a more suitable and more efficient way to move freight long distances. Trains are more environmentally friendly, requiring less energy per tonne of freight, reduce energy expended on road repairs and reduce the number of vehicles on the road thus reducing road traffic accidents. Because they aren't sharing the same space as vehicles they are also frequently faster. From a passenger perspective they are more comfortable to travel in than cars, buses or planes.


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