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To: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales, the State Minister for Local Government Wendy Tuckerman and the Federal Minister for Aged Care Anika Wells

Keep Blue Haven in the Community

We, the undersigned request that Kiama Council cease all actions that could lead to the sale of Blue Haven residential care and all associated independent living units without first engaging in a process of community consultation and support the above mentioned intervention of State and Federal Government to ensure ongoing viability of the service.

Why is this important?

Kiama Municipal Council are proposing to sell Blue Haven Care, its aged care facility and independent living units.
The original decision was made without any community consultation, and rather than rebuilding the asset that creates profit for the community some in the council seek to sell the asset off. This would lead to the loss of half the council’s employees and an insecure residential environment for close to 400 elderly residents.
This action is deplorable and we seek the intervention of the State and Federal governments to ensure the service remains viable and in public hands and that financial assistance is provided to enable the ongoing viability of the service.
Further, this petition also seeks that Kiama Municipal Council not take any action that could lead to the sale of Blue Haven Care without first engaging in a formal process of community consultation so the views of the public are heard.
Kiama NSW 2533, Australia

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