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To: The Hon. Dominic Perrottet, Premier of NSW

Keep COVID Protections For Essential Workers

The NSW Government is planning to repeal an amendment which ensured that Paramedics and other frontline workers who contracted COVID-19 did not have to prove that they were infected at work to be eligible for workers compensation.

After two wage cuts in two years, this proposed repeal is just a kick in the teeth.

The proposed change would mean that the workers who have placed themselves and their families at risk over the past 18 months to keep NSW safe would be asked to prove they acquired COVID-19 at work. That the NSW Government would see fit to do this is unconscionable.

Why is this important?

Paramedics have made immense sacrifices throughout the pandemic. At times, many have felt scared to go home to their families, worried they will bring home COVID-19.

The amendment provided the small comfort of knowing that if the worst did happen and we did become infected with COVID-19, at least we would not have to face the stress of proving our infection occurred at work.

We cannot stand by and watch while our Government turns its back on the workers that carried this state through the pandemic.

We're sending a clear message that NSW will not accept the cruel and short-sighted repeal of this amendment.

New South Wales, Australia

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