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To: Federal Employment Minister Michaelia Cash

Make our offshore resources industries safe

Currently the basic safety standards and protections that cover workers in onshore industries do not apply to Australia's offshore oil and gas projects.

These are high-risk industries and workers deserve the same protections that apply to all other Australian industries.

Why is this important?

The Electrical Trades Union is serious about workplace safety. It is a matter of life and death. We know that licensing of high-risk trades, health and safety training and right of access for workers' representatives are crucial to a good safety culture.

Extending these basic protections to workers in the offshore oil and gas industries could be the difference between a tragic loss and a happy future for thousands of Australian families.



2015-12-09 09:18:57 +1100

Our thoughts also go to the workers affected by the recent tragedy in the Caspian. Be assured that the ETU, AMWU, MUA, AWU and the ACTU are involved in this matter through our international union affiliations and have extended our condolences.

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