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To: ESTA & the Victorian Government

Minimum staffing levels for 000 workers now!

Additional staff hired to support ESTA workers.

000 workers are becoming increasingly worried about the understaffing at ESTA. It's causing longer wait times which means the community are at greater risk. In cases where patients require CPR or are in cardiac arrest, a delay in ambulance dispatch could be life-threatening.

That's why they're demanding action. It's time for ESTA 000 and the Victorian Government to implement minimum staffing levels, before something goes seriously wrong.

Why is this important?

Taking emergency calls for a living is already stressful enough. But due to understaffing, 000 workers can't even take a moment between calls to recover from what they've just heard. They're being called back from breaks and feel they're unable to take annual leave. However their greatest concern is for the community trying to call through in an emergency.

These workers aren't asking for a pay rise or more holidays, they're simply calling for minimum staffing levels so that they can support Victorians in need.

Reasons for signing

  • my wife is a police call taker for ESTA. she gets bombared from the start of her shift to the end of the shift. there needs to be more staff as it cant be maintained long term the stress and anxiety a call taker recieves every shift from the public
  • Such an important but forgotten about service, until you need it and when you neee it, you will want that call answered within seconds.
  • For the safety of Victorian’s and for the mental health of our call takers and dispatchers. Look after us, because we look after you!


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