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To: Professor Andrew J Deeks, Vice Chancellor, Murdoch University

Murdoch Staff are ready to bargain!

Murdoch staff are ready to bargain!

Sign this petition to tell the VC and management that we're ready and waiting.

Despite knowing that staff are struggling financially and struggling with the constant pressures in the workplace, management are stalling and have decided to push the bargaining process into 2023. This means that staff may have no significant cost of living relief until the second half of 2023!

To appease staff, VC Prof Andrew Deeks has offered a pay rise of 4% over the next year - great! But with WA's CPI at 7.4%, the real value of your wages, taking into account the 2% + 2% increases, will actually go backwards by 3.4%.

This comes on top of a period where real wages have not only stagnated but have gone backwards for most workers.

Pay increases are not the only urgent issue for members: workload, casualisation and permanency, work, health and safety and mental wellbeing, and meaningful consultation around changes in the workplace, are some of the other critically urgent issues that need to be addressed during the bargaining process.

Only bargaining NOW can give staff the wages and conditions they deserve.

It's time to take staff seriously.

It's time to bargain!

Why is this important?

Murdoch staff have been hit hard during the COVID-19 crisis: enduring staffing cuts, taking on more work, keeping the lights on for students and the broader community while management are seemingly making decisions that don't improve staff conditions or well-being.

A university is a place of ideas. Murdoch's 'tagline' is "A place for free thinking" but sadly free thinking comes at a cost and it is a cost borne disproportionately by staff.

With an already lean Bargaining Agreement and no real cost of living relief in sight, it's time to support Murdoch staff in their entrenched right to bargain for a more robust Bargaining Agreement.

You need to send a message to management – this isn’t good enough, we can’t afford to keep going backwards, we are struggling with the lack of support, and we demand that they begin bargaining NOW.

Click the link to sign the petition - send the message to management that we're ready to bargain NOW!
90 South St, Murdoch WA 6150, Australia

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