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To: The University of Wollongong Vice Chancellor

No cuts at UOW

UOW is cutting hundreds of staff, along with drastic budget cuts to student services. So far, hundreds of casuals have lost their jobs and estimates put permanent staff cuts at around 200. From May, the university will be conducting forced redundancies. Any attack on university staff is also an attack on students. We Demand:

1. No job cuts or pay cuts for staff: cut the executives’ salaries to make up any shortfall
2. Convert all casuals to permanent staff
3. No permanent transition to online classes (no youtube degrees!)
4. Reverse all cuts to student support
5. Full financial transparency
6. 100% staff and student representation on university council

Why is this important?

The cuts come at a time when UOW is moving many classes online in what looks to be a permanent arrangement. Meanwhile, students are being made to pay the same fees for lower quality, online degrees which often resemble tuning in to a Youtube channel. Fees for many degrees are also increasing, with Arts fees doubling.


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