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To: Fertility Society of Australia

Patients over profits - It's time for staffing ratios in IVF Clinics

Professional Scientists Australia

Patients, scientists and the public need to stand together to demand an enforceable staff to patient ratio in the Fertility Society of Australia's RTAC Code of Practice that will lead to better patient outcomes.

Why is this important?

Professional Scientists Australia is petitioning the Fertility Society of Australia to put patients first.

72.5 % of fertility scientists believe that high workloads have increased the possibility of human errors occurring at work.*

Women's reproductive health should be in the hands of fertility scientists who have the skills, time and knowledge to look after patients.

Without a voice for fertility scientists', profits are being put ahead of workers and patient's health and families.

Patients, scientists, and the public need to stand together to demand an enforceable staff to patient ratio like those seen overseas that will lead to better patient outcomes and stem the tide of staff burnout.

56.9 % of fertility scientists say that the industry’s high workloads have harmed their mental health.*

If we don’t have an enforceable staff to patient ratio the fertility industry will continue to be driven by profit and workers will be unable to help people bring about their dreams of having a family.

89.4 per cent of scientists believe there should be explicit provisions for adequate staff ratios in IVF clinics.*

If we stand together, we can ensure the industry is driven by best practice science, informed patients and scientists who have the time and training to look after each patient properly.

*January 2020, PSA survey of fertility scientists




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