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To: NSW Government

Support Rail Workers' Campaign for Safety, Conditions and Fair Pay

The NSW Government is attempting to:
- undermine safety provisions for passengers and crew;
- weaken the working conditions of rail workers; and
- impose an effective wage cut on all public servants, despite many of us continuing to provide essential services throughout the pandemic.

Please sign this petition to show you support us in rejecting these attempts.

Why is this important?

Safety on the rail network is of paramount importance, and by trying to erode our conditions the NSW Government is lowering those safety standards and putting us all in danger. They are also trying to remove guards from trains - we believe this is an unacceptable risk.

Australia has some of the best employment protections in the world thanks to unions fighting for generations to ensure a fair go for all Aussies. But it's a constant battle to maintain these conditions, and the NSW Government is trying to water down our rights and protections. We are fighting to save these for ourselves, for all other public service workers and for the wider community as a whole.

The NSW Government imposed a wage freeze on all public servants last year, which amounted to a pay cut in real terms, even for those sectors who had already negotiated higher increases. This is despite a number of senior bureaucrats receiving huge pay rises, sending a clear message to essential workers that they do not matter.

All workers deserve a fair pay rise in the current economic environment, and we're fighting to prevent the government from using the pandemic as an excuse to sell us all short.

New South Wales, Australia

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