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To: Ken Lay and Tony Walker

Provide Ambos with Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Investigation Processes

For many years, paramedics have not had an effective internal investigation process into their bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination concerns.

Paramedics need an effective process that is conducted externally to Ambulance Victoria that they can trust to deal with any immediate complaints.

This process also needs to be able to review the outcomes of past complaints where paramedics have not had an effective investigation.

Why is this important?

Ambulance Victoria has received numerous complaints by paramedics about bullying and sexual harassment. They have asked the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) to undertake a review into Sexual Harassment and Discrimination. The review could take years!

In the meantime, when paramedics and AV staff raise current issues about bullying, they are told that they can raise them in an internal process or send them to VEOHRC.

VEOHRC's coverage of bullying is not clear cut. They cannot conciliate a bullying complaint unless it relates to discrimination or sexual harassment. This will leave many complaints out in the cold, with no-one available to review them.

Additionally, less than 10% of surveyed staff at Ambulance Victoria believe that the current internal investigation process is effective and fair.

This can’t wait - Ambulance Victoria must act now!



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