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To: Premier Daniel Andrews

Stop the wage theft of school cleaners

We keep Victorian government schools clean and bright but we are being made to work for wages as low as $2.63 an hour. Some of us are not even being paid at all. All across the state cleaners are being ripped off by dodgy contractors, who use fear and intimidation to silence us.

Premier Daniel Andrews has had two and a half years to fix this broken system. He needs to step in now and put an end to this industrial-scale wage theft in our state schools.

Why is this important?

I am one of thousands of school cleaners in Victoria. We’re proud of our hard work keeping our schools clean and bright for the students, teachers and parents of Victoria.

We are already some of the lowest paid workers in the state. We have families and lives too. We don’t deserve this kind of treatment. We deserve respect, and good secure jobs.

Please stand with us and ask Premier Andrews to do the right thing by your school cleaners.




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