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To: State & Federal Governments

Respect Our Skills: Community & Disability Workers Deserve Better!

Community and disability workers are calling for the recognition we deserve. Despite the complexity of our work, our extensive experience and the invaluable services we provide to millions of Australians, many dedicated professionals are overworked, undervalued, and underpaid. 
It's time to change this – and we need all governments to stand with us.
Community and disability workers need our skills to be respected, our work and experience to be properly valued, and for equal pay to be protected. 
We deserve to be able to build careers we can count on, with security for the future. 
We deserve wages and conditions that reflect the complex and critical skills, qualifications, experience and professionalism we possess. 
We deserve fair pay, career pathways, training and job security. Because we know our worth.

Why is this important?

Community and disability workers provide critical support and care to people in some of the most vulnerable situations in our communities. We make a difference every day and deserve to be paid fairly for the work we do. We are advocates, support workers, carers, counsellors, case workers and so much more to the clients and communities we work with.
Recent groundbreaking ASU/UNSW research found that:
  • Two-thirds (67%) of community and disability workers are under-classified. 
  • Many are required to perform tasks beyond their pay grade and face limited career progression. 
  • Financial pressures are severe, with 1 in 3 needing help from family or friends to meet living costs.
For too long, community and disability workers have been overworked, undervalued and underpaid.
ASU members are standing together to ensure that community and disability workers are valued, and respected, with fair pay and secure careers. We need everyone, and all governments to stand with us. Sign the petition today!



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