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To: The City of Fremantle

Reverse paid parking on Marine Terrace

We would like to petition the Council to reverse the decision to introduce the paid parking on Marine Terrace. By reversing this decision, you will allow time for thorough communication and plans of action for all members of the Fremantle Community. We believe this will reduce the stress and financial strain on students, visitors and locals in Fremantle, giving room to action more sustainable, balanced and reliable transport options in Fremantle for everyone.

Why is this important?

The City of Fremantle has recently made the decision to introduce paid parking on Marine Terrace and change time restrictions at South Beach, Mews Rd and the east side of Marine Terrace. Media releases from the Council and public posts detailed the purpose of this change is to discourage commuter and student parking, to clear up space for beach goers and increase the reliability of parking for those parties.

It is our belief these changes will highly reduce the reliability and affordability of parking not only for visitors of Fremantle and commuters, but also to the university students of Fremantle, who bring life to the West End. Not only will these changes affect the welfare and livelihood of the students, it will affect their ability to attend lectures and stay all day in the city; eating at local cafes and engaging with local businesses due to time, accessibility and financial pressures. Through the surveys and testimonies of students, and the statements produced by the City of Fremantle, it has been demonstrated to the NDSA that the parking along Marine Terrace is relied upon by many of our students, whom have now seen the introduction of a daily fee with no promise of more reliable and accessible parking solutions. We also believe the introduction of this paid parking will lead to more commuters and students parking in free zones such as South Beach and local streets, only increasing the pressure in these areas for beach-goers and locals.


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