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To: Queensland Minister of Transport – Mark Bailey


Currently, the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator is considering legislation that will allow Rail Companies to use both audio and visual surveillance inside the cabin of a Locomotive.

For ONRSR to implement this change they require the State Government Ministers to accept the change to legislation that will allow this to occur.

We don’t believe that putting Traincrew under more invasive surveillance will lead to safer practices and the State Government have the power to stop this.

Minister of Transport we are asking you to exercise your veto and stop ONRSR from introducing this legislation.

Why is this important?

Rail companies already have an extensive amount of data available (data Logger/Event recorders, Driver Advice Systems, radio voice recordings, and forward-facing camera) for investigation, compliance and assessments. Adding surveillance inside the cabin of locomotives will not prevent an incident from happening. Better training, support and a “no blame” culture will.

We believe that the extended use of in-cab recording devices will have little if any impact on the efficacy of rail safety investigations and will have a significant detrimental effect on the mental health of Traincrew.



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