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To: Scott Morrison, Prime Minister

ScoMo's gotta go!

Students and young people can no longer see our future under this Liberal government, led by Scott Morrison. Over the last 6 years, young people have been neglected under government policy.

Thats why we're joining together to tell Scott Morrison that we'll be voting him and his government out this federal election.

Why is this important?

Young people will inherit a dying planet because of government inaction on climate change.

At the same time, investment in tertiary education is lower than it is in Trump's America, leaving students with increasing fees and debt. Young people also face an increasingly insecure and casualised workforce when we graduate.

And our generation is the first to be worse off than our parents, with the cost of living and housing prices becoming untenable. Students on income support live way below the poverty line, and workplace exploitation of young people is rife.

Scott Morrison's Liberal government has no vision for the future of young people. That's why we're telling Scott Morrison we'll be voting him and the Liberals out on May 18.

NUS will be throwing parties in Sydney and Melbourne, and demonstrations in other cities across the country to call on young people to use their voice, and show ScoMo our power and young people and students come the election.

Join us here:

Reasons for signing

  • I've always voted for the greens and we really need a government for wildlife, environment, climate crisis, equal rights, majority of cabinet to be held by the First Nations and women. This country is in desperate of need for help and change. This is like having Trump in power over and over.
  • Sick of our so-called leader hideing behind the women in his life, to shield him from taking responsibility for his actions, wether ii's leaving the country at its height of bushfires disaster,to his claimed lack of knowledge of a rape down the hall,it's always someone else's fault. Worst 'leader' Australia ever had Scottie from marketing is a national embarrassment !
  • As an Aboriginal women I can not stand by and have a PM whitewash our society with stupidity and ignorance.


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