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To: Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Stop the Smear Campaign, Your Drivers Deserve Safety

Stop the Smear Campaign, Your Drivers Deserve Safety

Stop the smear campaign against Brisbane Transport Bus Drivers and commit to finding real improvements to their safety at work.

Why is this important?

Last night while another driver was being assaulted, instead of trying to improve their safety, our Lord Mayor was heading a smear campaign against them, stooping so low he's even using school children as a political tool.

Physical assaults against Brisbane Transport Bus Drivers are reported once a week, and there's a verbal assault reported every day. Countless more go unreported. Three weeks ago a driver was stabbed, and last October, one was brutally murdered.

Our drivers have learned the hard way that Graham Quirk doesn't seem to care.

It’s time for the Lord Mayor to stop insulting his drivers, to recognise their hard work, to stop belittling them for their very real fears for their safety at work. It's time for Mayor Quirk to work with Bus Drivers for everyone's safety.

All they are want is safety and fair working conditions, things all Australians should have.

Reasons for signing

  • Wage growth in Australia is is at an all time low and cost of living continues to grow and we need to do something about it. And everybody desreves to go to work and know there employer is doing all it can to make it as safe as possible for them
  • Wage stagnation is a real issue in this country and it negatively impacts everyone. I want drivers, who I rely on for my everyday travel, to receive proper pay and conditions. They deserve it.
  • I support this for safety reasons but probably support the cause more for pay reasons. How many of you gravy train riders could survive on a bus drivers wage?


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