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To: Malcolm Turnbull

Stop the War on Students

National Union of Students

Malcolm Turnbull and Simon Birmingham need to stop their war on students, young people and universities.

They should not be the ones who pay for Malcolm Turnbull's big business tax cuts.

Why is this important?
The Liberals have already made it clear who the first victims of the 2017 budget will be. It’s young people who will have money taken out of their pockets. It's students who will face higher fees and more debt, studying in underfunded institutions. It's universities put under even more financial pressure and asked to offer more.

These changes will mean an 8% fee hike, earlier HECS repayments for students and funding cuts for universities.

And all of it to pay for billions of dollars of hand-outs to multinationals.

Similar cuts and policies were defeated time and time again under Tony Abbott. Students ran a massive campaign and we are ready to do it again.

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