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To: NSW Parliament

Support LGBTIQ+ kids, stop Mark Latham's Bill!

1. Vote down Mark Latham's Bill. Not only will this bill take away the limited support services available for LGBTI+ kids, it will also remove any mention of the LGBTI+ community from all aspects of school life.
2. Provide gender diverse education and support services in schools. The NSW Parliament should stand with LGBTI+ kids and staff and extend school support for the queer community.

Why is this important?

Mark Latham's Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 is a dangerous attack to LGBTIQ+ kids and staff.

If passed, the Bill will:

-prohibit trans and gender diverse content being taught in health and physical education classes.
- prohibit teachers from mentioning the existence of LGBTI+ characters, people or events in other subjects like English or History.
- prohibit counsellors from giving advice to students on the subject of gender fluidity.
- force teachers to refuse to call students by their preferred pronouns.
- teachers who do not comply could lose their accreditation and their jobs.
- allow parents and guardians to remove their child from any course that mentions sexuality.
- force schools to consult with parents and guardians at the start of each year about any course which mentions sexuality (and change the courses accordingly).
- legitimise the stigmatization of intersex students.

This Bill goes further even than the Religious Discrimination Bill that the Morrison government has waiting in the shadows - which itself would legalise discrimination towards LGBTI+ people in Australia. Latham's Bill goes further as a calculated attempt to erase the very existence of LGBTI+ people and force kids and staff back into the closet.

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