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To: David Elliot NSW Transport Minister


We the undersigned demand that:
1. Guards Control Doors from a panel adjacent to an open crew door on the NIF(Mariyung) train.
2. Nominated Right of Way Platforms reintroduced for stations via consultation with Station HSR's and Delegates.
3. In Cab Cameras to be removed unconditionally.
4. Any future rolling stock to be subject to Crew approval prior to build commencement.
5. Timetable Consultation to resume and include Train Crew, Station Staff, Signallers and Commuters Groups
6. All Delegates and HSR's currently suspended returned to full rostered duty immediately.

Why is this important?

The proposed operating model will kill commuters, it will traumatise Drivers, Guards, Station Staff and other commuters unnecessarily when we have a good current operating model that relies on teamwork as per the Kembla Grange derailment where the Guard excelled in his duties.
This will increase culpability on the rail operators and result in more lost time injuries to staff.

New South Wales, Australia

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