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To: Vice-Chancellor Professor Duncan Maskell

Open the Books: Financial Transparency at the University of Melbourne

We the undersigned University of Melbourne stakeholders ask that you fulfil your responsibility as Vice-Chancellor and meet with us directly to discuss your plans to cut staff.

We ask that you make available to the University of Melbourne community both the budget projections and actual performance of the University of Melbourne, prior to putting forward any proposals for restructures at the University. We ask that you engage in open discussions with all staff and the NTEU, and that you commit to working collectively for the benefit of staff and students.

Why is this important?

The University has made clear that it intends to carry out restructuring which will see workers across the University made redundant, and has made no promises to retain casual and fixed-term staff, hundreds of whom have already lost their jobs.

Senior management have not made the case that any of these job cuts are necessary and should open up their books so that the university community can see the real extent of the financial crisis. This is key information that staff and union representatives need in order to fully assess any change plans proposed by the University.



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