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To: University of Tasmania


This campaign has ended.

UTAS has recently announced it will make cuts to its cleaning budget in the height of a global pandemic. Cleaners are keeping Tasmania safe from COVID-19, but they need proper resources and time to provide thorough cleaning of the Sandy Bay campus. UTAS must reverse the cuts to their cleaning budget to ensure that cleaners can do their jobs and keep staff and students safe.

Why is this important?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of cleaners and the amazing job they do in keeping work spaces and public areas clean, healthy, and sanitary. During the pandemic, cleaners have been put under immense stress as they fight to keep Tasmanians safe.

It is because of the hard work and dedication of cleaners that Tasmania currently has zero recorded cases of COVID-19. However, we are only as safe as our front line defence allows us to be. By cutting the cleaning budget, effectively withdrawing time and resources from cleaners to do their job, UTAS is putting everyone at risk.

It would be devastating if a second wave of COVID-19 spread throughout Tasmania because of this poor decision by Vice-Chancellor Rufus Black and the UTAS Board.

UTAS must restore its cleaning budget NOW!


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