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To: Scott Morrison

Coronavirus: Guarantee Paid Special Leave For All Workers

We are demanding that the Morrison Government guarantee two weeks paid special leave for all workers.

Working people need to know they don’t have to make the decision between going to work sick, or self-isolating and not being able to pay their bills.

Stopping the spread of coronavirus is vital, but Scott Morrison’s response so far has been dangerously inadequate.

The government must ensure that all workers have paid special leave - if you’re sick or if you’re forced to self-quarantine.

Why is this important?

As Australians, we stick together with our mates – we don’t leave people behind.

But there are 3.3 million Australian workers with no access to paid leave – this represents 32% of all working people.

If these workers become ill they will either attend work sick or potentially be subject to self-isolation quarantine at home without means to pay their bills. We can't wait - people are already being forced to go into quarantine and losing income. Many workers are also being forced to use their leave and some are even being stood down without pay.

We are demanding that the Morrison Government guarantee two weeks paid special leave for all workers.

Sign this petition to demand access to two weeks paid special leave for all workers affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Reasons for signing

  • We shouldn't have to do this to get the govt to use common sense
  • I’m a casual worker and want to support people like me
  • Why should I go without pay when feeling a little unwell, because we have all been told to stay at home if unwell! We all need extra days sick pay if we are to stop the spread!


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