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To: Fiona Notley; Chief Operating Officer, Harlene Hayne; Vice Chancellor, Curtin University

Get rid of CellOPark Curtin University

Sign the petition and share your story of how Curtin's parking system affects you.

Curtin University has a Pay As You Go Parking system via the app CelloPark CellOPark. Students, staff and visitors to the campus note that the app frequently glitches, crashes or otherwise causes them to incur additional fees or fines. This regularly causes students devastating financial stress. The students call on Curtin to

1. Phase out CellOPark
2. Reduce the cost of fines to $20
3. Introduce a mixed PAYG/Permit system.

Why is this important?

Parking enforcers at Curtin University have a reputation for being highly efficient and predatory. If you don’t pay for parking, you will get fined—so why do people take the risk?

The answer is they don’t. At the Bentley campus, the odds are stacked against you, and sometimes no matter what you do, you will get a fine. You’re invited to appeal them, but with a catch—if they reject the appeal they will reduce the amount of time you have to pay, leading to penalties being applied quicker. Is it worth the risk when few appeals are ever accepted?

Curtin students pay thousands of dollars to study at this University, and it is often a requirement for their education that they come to campus. They are often getting by on Centrelink or working hard to stay above the poverty line. They are faced with a parking system that preys on them, takes every opportunity to make money off of them and refers them to debt collectors with the threat of further legal action, when they are struggling the most.
Students are asking to be allowed to pay for parking, without the many barriers that the CellOPark app entails.

1. Phase out CellOPark. This app regularly charges users for premium service fees without permission, or logs them out of sessions, causing them to get fined. It is predatory and not user-friendly.

2. Reduce the cost of fines to $20. A $45 fine can be detrimental to students, especially when they are not at fault due to the CellOPark app. Curtin has absolute discretion over the cost of fines, and the deterrent does not need to be that high—Curtin University is using their captive audience, students, to raise as much revenue as possible.

3. Introduce a mixed PAYG/Permit system. A Pay As You Go system saves money for those who come to campus occasionally, but a permit system that discounts parking for purchasing for longer intervals is more equitable for students who need to attend campus more often, up to five days a week, for more intensive courses or as part of their studies

How it will be delivered

The Curtin Student Guild will present your stories to the University in a way they cannot ignore any more.

Bentley WA 6102, Australia

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2023-08-08 17:50:06 +1000

Waiting ... waiting ... after waiting months from our delivery date and following up multiple times. We have a meeting scheduled for next week.

We will update you on the University management's response.

Thank you for keeping up the pressure.

2022-10-20 20:00:54 +1100

5,000 signatures reached

2022-10-20 13:03:35 +1100

We are incredibly close to 5000 signatures. This is massive. Surely Curtin University cannot ignore students any more.

Share the petition, get your friends to sign. We can do this.

2022-10-12 17:29:01 +1100

The University management is happy to make parking free to support their struggling sports carnival.

We reminded the University that it can also make parking more affordable for students, reduce the cost of fines and make parking free during exam weeks. All of these changes they can make tomorrow.

2022-10-04 14:50:26 +1100

The University has indicated we do not have enough signatures yet on the petition. The University management's response has been circulated to supporters.

2022-07-29 20:01:28 +1000

Guild President Dylan Botica spoke about the petition, and why we need better for Curtin University students, staff and visitors.

Listen from 47m 20s

2022-07-28 19:44:42 +1000

1,000 signatures reached

2022-07-28 14:39:24 +1000

We hear you loud and clear, but will the University?

The Curtin Executive responsible for parking has seen your messages presented at O-Day. The question now becomes, will the University negotiate with the Student Guild to fix this broken system?
The Guild has already sent student claims on parking to the University but these were entirely rejected.

Share the petition and share your story. We need to hear how this system affects you.

If you want to share your story directly with the University email [email protected] and CC [email protected]

It’s time for Curtin University to step up and act now.


2022-07-27 22:11:55 +1000

500 signatures reached

2022-07-27 15:10:24 +1000

100 signatures reached

2022-07-27 13:58:37 +1000

50 signatures reached

2022-07-27 13:40:39 +1000

25 signatures reached

2022-07-27 13:10:26 +1000

10 signatures reached