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To: Hon Meegan Fitzharris, ACT Health Minister

Fair deal for ACT Health Pharmacists

Professional Pharmacists Australia members are now considering industrial action to have their claims settled.

The Minister must work with the department to settle our claims and make a fair deal for ACT Health Pharmacists.

Why is this important?

Hospital pharmacists at ACT Health are under immense pressure, overworked and understaffed.

Despite months of meetings with management, and the Minister, they have failed to deliver a deal which guarantees better pay or an improved classification structure.

Ongoing inaction by the Government is reckless and irresponsible – the workforce has put up with this for too long and is now at breaking point.

Reasons for signing

  • Pharmacists have an essential role to ensure medication safety and quality use of medication.
  • The hospital pharmacist is vital to the safe prescription and use osprey medications. They are so much more important than another administrator with an incomprehensible job and title and a 5figure salary, who you never see at the coalfaceofpatient care,
  • We all deserve a decent wage and conditions.


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